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Arizona Trail Tour – 800 Miles from Mexico to Utah

The Arizona National Scenic Trail for hikers, bikers, runners and equestrians showcases the beauty and diversity of the state. Take a photographic tour from Mexico to Utah and learn about the highlights, historic sites and natural history of the Arizona Trail. Sirena is an Arizona Trail expert who has hiked the trail twice and will share stories from her adventures.

Historic Sites on the Arizona Trail

The Arizona National Scenic Trail crosses many sites of historical significance, from following in the steps of the Spanish conquistadors to prehistoric sites, mining claims and cowboy settlements. Learn more about these gems of the trail and the history of Arizona.

Arizona Trail Gateway Communities

The Arizona Trail is served by 33 Gateway Communities that provide resupply, restaurants, lodging and more for trail users. Learn about these unique communities and how the trail has been a driver for economic development and tourism in the state.

Best Day Hikes on the Arizona Trail

You don’t have to do the entire 800-mile Arizona Trail to enjoy it! This talk covers the best sections for day-hikes. No matter what your skill level, you can experience a part of the Arizona National Scenic Trail.

Thru-hiking the Arizona Trail

Thru-hiking the 800-mile Arizona National Scenic Trail is the adventure of a lifetime. Find out tips and tricks to plan and make your dream trip a reality! Arizona Trail expert Sirena Dufault has hiked the AZT twice and will share her insights on resupply strategies, water sources, Gateway Communities, and highlights of the trail.

Economic Benefits of Trails

Learn about the economic benefits of trails and outdoor spaces to the local, state and national economy. Building and promoting a community trails system is a great way to add value by encouraging eco-tourism and fitness. This presentation is ideal for Town Councils, Offices of Tourism, Chambers of Commerce, and Economic Development committees.

Hiking 101

This presentation is tailored toward people who have very little or no experience with hiking. Covers the basics of what to bring, principles of Leave no Trace, and suggested beginner itineraries for the area with plenty of time for question and answer.

Backpacking Basics

Want to get into backpacking but don’t know where to start? There are a million choices in putting together your first trip and this talk or hands-on workshop can help you navigate your way through. Gear lists, packing strategies, food and hydration and suggested itineraries will all be covered in this presentation.

Lightening Your Load – Ultralight Backpacking Tips and Tricks

Learn tips and tricks for keeping the weight of your backpack down while staying safe and comfortable. Gear lists, packing, food and hydration and advanced backpacking strategies will be covered.

Hiking and Backpacking for Women

This presentation contains much of the same content as Hiking 101 and Backpacking Basics, but with special attention paid to the unique perspective and needs of women in the backcountry.

Desert/Hot Weather Hiking and Backpacking

The desert can be an inhospitable place – temperatures that soar during the day and freeze at night, thorny vegetation and scarce water and shade all conspire to make it a challenging environment. Learn desert hiking tips and strategies to make your journey more enjoyable!

Whitewater Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon

Rafting the Grand Canyon is a spectacular way to see this Wonder of the World. This presentation takes you on a tour of the 277-mile Colorado River’s rapids, side hikes, historic sites, waterfalls and beach camps.

Day hikes from the Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Rafting Grand Canyon gives you access to some of the most amazing hiking in the world. Take a tour of the hikes from the river – from ancient granaries to spectacular outlooks,  intimate side canyons and waterfalls.

Here is a project that Sirena starred in and helped produce in conjunction with the Arizona Trail Association and Levi Davis to promote the Arizona National Scenic Trail.