Tusayan Community Trails Project Enters Phase 2

Trails Inspire recently signed the Phase 2 contract for the Tusayan Community Trails Plan with Town of Tusayan. Thanks to all who took the time to submit a public comment on the plan! Here are the details of this phase of the project:

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

NEPA was passed on January 1, 1970 and the preamble states:

“To declare national policy which will encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between man and his environment; to promote efforts which will prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere and stimulate the health and welfare of man; to enrich the understanding of the ecological systems and natural resources important to the Nation; and to establish a Council on Environmental Quality.

Phase 2 includes the following:

  • Submission of NEPA analysis proposal to Kaibab National Forest
  • NEPA Analysis – includes biological, archaeological, wildlife and viewshed surveys.
  • Reroutes as necessary based on NEPA analysis (to be done in the field at the same time as the survey)
  • Preparation of National Environmental Policy Act documentation for the approximately 11.5 miles of trail through the Categorical Exclusion.
  • Preparation of a cultural resource survey report.
  • Biological report: botanical, wildlife and viewshed survey results

In addition to the NEPA, Phase 2 will also include:

  • A signage committee with National Park Service, Kaibab National Forest, Tribal representatives and representatives from the landowners of Tusayan will provide guidelines on interpretation of the Grand Canyon History Trail.
  • Presentation of the Master Plan to the Kaibab National Forest Tribal Liaison and scheduling of meetings as requested.
  • Creation of a signage plan for Grand Canyon History Trail and the rest of the trail system including an estimated budget.
  • Trail construction and development agreements between Town of Tusayan, Kaibab National Forest and private landowners.
  • Trail maintenance agreement between Town of Tusayan, Kaibab National Forest and private landowners.
  • Update trail construction cost estimate with American Conservation Experience based on reroutes.
  • Provide a Phase 3 trail construction budget estimate and timeline.

The timeline for Phase 2 completion is approximately one year. For the biological survey, there are plants that only grow in July and August and the survey will be done at that time. Updates on Phase 2 will be posted as objectives are reached.

The Tusayan Trails Master Plan and updates on the project can be found here: http://tusayan-az.gov/trail-info/.

Tusayan Trails Master Plan Map - Public Comment

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