A look back at 2019

Happy New Year – here’s a look back at some Trails Inspire moments from 2019!

Founder Sirena Rana Dufault turned in the manuscript to Wilderness Press for her book on Day Hikes on the Arizona National Scenic Trail with author Roger Naylor providing the foreword. The guidebook will be out in the spring and we’re currently working on the details for the book tour. We captured the beautiful scenery of Arizona, provided presentations on hiking and diversity in the outdoors, did trail design and maintenance, attended a Diversity and Inclusion workshop put on by Grand Canyon National Park, and promoted recreation throughout Arizona and beyond.

We are grateful to have worked with many different groups and individuals to promote the outdoors via writing, photography, public speaking and trail design. There’s exciting projects ahead and we hope to see you out on the trail in 2020.

Wishing you wonderful adventures in the New Year!

Ancestral lands: O’odham and Yaqui photos 1,2,3; Apache photos 4 & 7; 11 traditionally associated tribes of Grand Canyon photo 6; Akimel O’odham photos 8,9.

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